Local Yokel: Denise Zak

by Kristine Francisco

Remember Mr. Ed, the crazy talking horse currently stuck in perma-rerun on Nick-At-Nite? Hate to burst any bubbles here, but animals canít really talk to us Ė or is it just that we canít understand a damn thing they say? If in doubt, call Denise Zak, a Chicagoland ďanimal intuitiveĒ who connects with pets on a unique level to reveal and interpret their thoughts and feelings. During her 10 year career, sheís seen thousands of animals and done thousands upon thousands of readings. Zak kindly took the time to explain to us animal-loving folk over at UR what it is that means exactly.

UR Chicago: So what does an ďanimal intuitiveĒ do?

Denise Zak: Well, with the permission of the owner and the pet, I look into petsí hearts, minds and bodies and Iím able to tell you what they see.

How do animals tell you things?

Sometimes itís an incredible feeling, or some animals show me pictures. When I have repeat clients, they actually develop a vocabulary and they talk in words.

But you donít hear voices?

Absolutely not. I donít hear voices in my head, but the words are there. I can give them information as well as receive information by presenting them with pictures, ideas and thoughts. You never have to say words. Itís telepathic, intuitive and empathic. If an animalís throat hurts, then my throat hurts. If their foot hurts, my foot hurts.

So would it be fair to call you an animal psychic?

No, because a psychic, from my understanding, works with just your brain Ė itís kind of like they can just open up a book and read it. But I work through your heart and soul and I have to have your permission. I canít just tell you what youíre thinking Ė I canít tell you what color dress you wore yesterday Ė but again, with your permission, I read information that, believe it or not, youíve presented to me at a subliminal level.

You ask permission from pet owners Ė does that automatically give you permission from animals?

Usually. I did have one occasion where a horse would not say a word. Iíve had a few animals get nervous and be a little uncomfortable for the first few minutes. It took a while to gain their confidence and get them to open up.

How do you get pets to ďopen their heartsĒ to you?

I show them who I am and I give them permission to look into my heart. You know, itís up to them. If they feel comfortable and safe with me, then they will tell me anything.

Have you ever tried your gift on humans?

Actually, I did humans professionally before I did animals. The reason I left was because, quite frankly, it was too much responsibility. People would come up to me and ask, ďIs this tumor cancerous?Ē and that was just overwhelming. There isnít a science to this, and I couldnít put myself in the positions to be wrong and give someone false hope.

What do you say to people who donít believe in this at all?

I absolutely respect that, but Iím not here to convince them. Some people are interested or fascinated by it and some people just laugh at it. I think part of it is that theyíre not willing to participate in something that they canít fully understand. If I had to understand everything I use, I wouldnít be able to use a computer, or use a cell phone or fly in an airplane. I donít understand a lot of things, but I can certainly take advantage of them.

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