Denise wants you to know your participation is vital. The more open and prepared you are for your session, the more information you are likely to receive. Being well prepared will help you get the most out of your reading.


Since Denise has clients all over the United States and in other countries as well, most of her readings are done over the phone.

A. Make an appointment

Call or email Denise to set up an appointment time (847-426-8134 or denise@tailsoftheheart.com).

Decide whether you want a 30-minute or 60-minute appointment. Take into consideration the number of animals being read, and the number and complexity of your questions. Remember that Denise can contact deceased animals as well as living ones. The guideline is: no more than two animals in a half hour, and no more than four animals in an hour.

We like to confirm appointments by email, so if you're making your appointment by phone, please be sure to mention your email address so we can send your confirmation.

B. Prepare your questions

Before your appointment time, prepare several questions for your pet and write them down. This process initiates the connection for your reading. The specificity of your questions will determine the depth of your answers.

C. Send in a picture

Denise will need a photo of the animal(s) you want to contact. The more recent the better, and with the animal looking toward the camera if possible. Emailing us electronic files is fine, as long as they're .jpg files. Please email picture files to denise@tailsoftheheart.com. Sending us a picture of yourself (as the animal's primary caregiver) and any other person or animal involved in your questions is also a good idea. For instance, if there are behavior issues between your pet and your spouse that you want to address, having a picture of your spouse would be helpful.

Processed pictures are also excellent for readings. These can be Polaroid, 35mm, or pictures processed from digital files onto photo paper. All pictures should be labeled with your first and last names, and the name of whoever appears in the picture. Pictures will not be returned, so if you're thinking of sending rare or fragile photos, please make copies for Denise. They should be sent to:

Denise Zak
P. O. Box 283
West Dundee, Illinois 60118

D. Provide the reading fee

Payment is due in full at least three days prior to your reading to hold your appointment time. Certified checks or money orders are preferred, but Visa and MasterCard are also accepted. No personal checks, please.

Most people who use credit cards provide the account information when they make the appointment. The information needed is: account number, expiration date, and billing address. We recommend providing this information by phone rather than email, since we don't have a secure email server. The fee is $65 for a 30-minute appointment and $125 for a full hour.

E. At your appointment time

At your appointment time, create a quiet time and place where you will not be interrupted. Many people prefer to be near their pets, but this is not necessary.

1. Call Denise

At your appointment time, call Denise at 847-426-8134. If you have call waiting, kindly disable this feature by dialing *70 before calling Denise. This disables call-waiting for this call only.

2. Relax and enjoy your reading!

Denise has been able to converse with animals for many years and is interested in engaging you and your animal in a productive discussion. Your prepared questions are intended to guide this discussion, not to discourage you from asking other questions that might come up. Relax, and enjoy this time of getting to know your dear friend in a very special way!

F. Cancellations and missed appointments

Denise devotes significant time, thought, and preparation to her readings before the calls even begin. In recognition of this, telephone appointments cancelled within 24 hours of the reading will be charged half the reading fee. Telephone appointments that are partially or completely missed will be charged the full fee.


For clients in the Chicagoland area, Denise is available for in-person sessions that are one to five hours long. The cost is based on the standard reading fee ($125 per hour) plus a travel charge of $50 per hour (based on the Mapquest.com estimate from Denise's location in West Dundee to the reading site).

For clients outside of the immediate Chicago area, please call our office (847-426-8134). We will be happy to tailor a personal consultation with Denise to suit your specific needs.

In-person readings may include multiple owners, pets both in person and in photographs, and any combination of 30-minute and 60-minute readings. The location is frequently an animal's home but can also be a stable, kennel, vet practice, or pet day-care or boarding facility. Pet-friendly offices have also invited Denise to do readings for groups of co-workers!

Denise is available for lectures, charity events, workshops, and retail events. Each of these venues has its own characteristics and pricing profile. Please contact us for more information (see the "Contact Denise" page).

Because of the total time that has to be reserved in Denise's calendar for in-person visits, a deposit of half the total charge is required to secure the booking. In-person appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours' notice will be charged $50.


Lost animals or animals with acute illnesses or injuries usually can't wait for the next opening in Denise's schedule, so we try our best to accommodate them on an emergency basis. The process for arranging an emergency appointment is the same as for a standard phone appointment, except regarding photographs.

Processed photographs should be sent to Denise's Post Office Box via Express Mail from the U.S. Post Office so they'll arrive the following day (FedEx does not deliver to post office boxes). Emailed pictures in .jpg format (not zipped) should be emailed to denise@tailsoftheheart.com as soon as the appointment is made.
When emergency appointments are needed outside of regular office hours and Denise can accommodate the request, a charge of $25 will be assessed to open the office.

A. Sick or Injured Animals

Denise is not a veterinarian. If you're concerned for your animal's health, call your vet immediately. Denise frequently acts as a partner in animal care with vets and alternative medical practitioners (chiropractors, acupuncturists, etc.). Her ability to read an animal's body condition from the inside provides unique information that contributes to effective therapy/treatment choices.

B. Lost Animals

For a reading on a lost animal, it's often useful to base questions on a map of the specific area where the animal was last seen. In past cases, some of these have been hand-drawn and some have been enlargements of published maps. If nothing else is available, the closest zoom screen of the address on www.mapquest.com can be adequate; if you want to use Mapquest, please email us a link to the page you want to use.

Questions prepared for a lost animal need to be particularly specific, and questions about where he's traveled need to reference landmarks from the animal's point of view. A retriever who's wandered off is unlikely to know if he's passed the intersection of Third and Main, but he could tell you if he passed the park he goes by on your daily walks.

It's not possible to guarantee that an owner will hear the information he or she most wants. But Denise has helped many cases that seemed desperate to have happy endings.


Denise's remarkable ability to work with animals extends beyond their physical deaths. Just as she can use a photograph to contact and receive information from a spaniel snoozing at your feet, she can do the same for an animal who passed away last week, last month, or any number of years ago. Denise has worked with many deceased animals and answered the questions that bring closure and peace of mind to their owners. These conversations sometimes deliver even joy and surprise.


Can't think of a gift for a pet-loving friend? Want to help someone have a closer relationship with their animal? A gift certificate for a reading with Denise is a wonderful answer! The certificate can be for a half-hour reading or a full hour, and can be sent to you or your recipient. Contact us for details!


Does my pet love me?

It seems like such an innocent question, but many people fear an intuitive connection with their pet simply because they're afraid to know the answer. They're afraid their pets aren't going to love them as much as they want them to. Yet Denise has never known a pet that does not love and appreciate a well-intentioned pet owner. The purpose of a reading is to discover the truth - which is already active in the relationship - and determine how to work with it to the greater happiness of both human and animal.


I'm going into a big life change (marriage, new baby, move, divorce, etc.). How can I make this as smooth as possible for my pet?

My pet is facing a serious medical issue. I've seen several doctors, but we're having a hard time isolating the source of his problem. I know you're not a vet, but can you tell me anything about his condition that will help my doctor? How far does my animal want his treatment to go?

When I leave to go to work or out of town, how can I help my animal understand that I will be back? Is he lonely when I'm gone? How can I connect with him while I'm away?

Does my pet resent me for having him neutered/her spayed?

Why is my cat suddenly not using her litter box?

Does my pet like my husband better than me?

Why is my horse afraid of trailering?

Why does my dog bark and growl at my neighbor?

Why does my dog bark when there's nothing there?

Why is my cat afraid of the laundry basket?

Why is my pet afraid to go to the groomer?

Does my cat want another pet in our family?

How should I introduce another pet into our family?

How does my snake feel about the new enclosure I just moved him into?

Is my pet in pain? Is he afraid of dying?

How can I tell when my pet is saying she's ready to pass on? I keep hearing that I'll "know," but I'm afraid of acting too soon or waiting too long.

I had a pet several years ago who passed away. What is he doing now?

How does my pet view our relationship? (It's often not what we think!)

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