"Denise's readings are so precise that she is able to determine exactly where an animal needs a chiropractic adjustment, or where I have recently performed one.  She is the best, and my clients love her."  Dr. Anne Logan, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Harvard, IL.

"I have owned and shown horses for 10 years, and I wouldn't even think of buying a horse without consulting Denise first to check if they are sound, information about their disposition and temperament, if the horse is a good match emotionally for me, and if it will be happy in the discipline that I have chosen."  Donna Manfredi, Mundelein, IL.

"My new dog Buzz had been chewing right through his leg.  Three weeks after our reading with Denise, and carefully following her recommendations to communicate better with him about this being his new home and he was now a wanted and permanent part of the family, the chewing stopped.  He is doing wonderfully.  It is amazing; our vet couldn't even solve the problem." Caroline Ply, Hawthorne Woods, IL.

"Thanks to Denise's insight, I was able to prevent a costly lameness problem with my horse --one that hadn't even become apparent to myself or the trainer."  Dr. Angela Smith, DVM, Sonoma, CA.

"Denise coached me through the entire rescue of my African Grey Parrot.  She was lost for 48 hours and locating her would have been impossible without Denise."  John Crewdson, Atlanta, GA.

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