Intuition (gut feelings -- instincts) has been around forever, and animals, birds and insects all survive using these natural skills.  Humans seem to have forgotten that we, also, have wonderful and useful natural intuitive abilities -- an ability more highly evolved in some, less in others, and something we normally ignore -- but have the ability to cultivate if we wish.

Denise Zak embraces her intuitive ability, and, in fact, has chosen to cultivate it and enjoy a profession using it.  Says Denise, "Think of all of the times that you have been in a crowded restaurant or at a traffic signal and you feel that someone is staring at you, and you turn, unconsciously knowing exactly where to look -- and, of course, you are right.  Or how often do you think about someone and they phone you?  You knew it was going to be them, you knew they were going to call.  That is your intuition -- you sensed it; you felt it; you translated the energy!  That is exactly what I do when I communicate with animals."

What Denise does is a comprehensive interpretation of intuition, energy, and empathy.  Her work is the collective product of her life; she does not speak for other communicators.  With the permission of the owner, she looks into the hearts, thoughts, and bodies of their pets/performance animals, and explains -- or translates -- what she sees.  "Sometimes animals are very articulate, while others have limited vocabularies.  Some relate through pictures, and there are those who present an overwhelmingly clear feeling. I do not edit or change what they say in the interest of diplomacy -- I want the owner to experience exactly what I see and feel from their animal.  My readings, given to the owner from their animal's point of view, may be able to give the owner a new perspective as well as insight and clarity within their relationship."

Denise Zak can work with clients in person, or from a photo of the client with their pet.  "I consider myself more of a translator or interpreter than a 'pet psychic.'  I don't predict the future or read minds.  I work at a very deep emotional level and take you and your pet to a place of extreme honesty.  With permission from the owner, once I am hired I look into the hearts of the owner and their pet and let the owner know what I see and hear."

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