Denise’s clients say her readings change lives. This story is one of her favorite examples. The request came from Anna Stacia of Ames, Iowa:

Question:   My dog Tootles is five years old. Surgery is not an option, and her condition is worsening. Can you tell me if she wants me to put her to sleep? Is there anything she wants me to do for her? Can you tell her I love her?

Answer: Your dog is saying, in these exact words, “I want to live until I die.” She’s asking that you please not look at her and remind her of how little time she has left. She’s telling you, “I won’t be here long. I am safe, and I am with you. I want to enjoy that as much as I can. Be with me and my age. It’s OK. Please have courage for me now and stay in your heart. When it is time, you will know.”

Tootles’ lesson:  Be with your pets, my friends, no matter what the circumstances. They have depended on you all their lives, and they need you to be as engaged now as you were when they were puppies. Animals rarely fear death and pain as humans do. The experience they feel is often unlike ours. They know the love you receive from them does not diminish with age or even death. Do not treat them differently when they’re dying. Just love them.

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